How to Bypass Delta Executor Key? (2 Methods)

Delta Executor is a leading Roblox exploit used by gamers all over the world. Like many other Roblox executors, it has a key system, and you need a mobile key to run it on your Android phone. During the process of extracting keys in some versions of Delta, you’re directed to a Linkvertise page, which helps you obtain it. But there are two problems:

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  • Linkvertise only gives you three free credits to access the key from the provided link. It means you can only use the link three times a day.
  • Once you complete your 3-time visit count, you need to purchase a Linkvertise premium plan to get the Delta key.

The Linkvertise’s premium plan is hard to purchase for many Roblox players who want to exploit games through Delta Executor. We know how frustrating it can be for you. So, we’re going to share how you can bypass the delta executor key system. 

How to Bypass Delta Executor Key System? 

Linkvertise can be bypassed through two methods: the Bypasser tool and Extension. To begin the bypass process to reach the Delta key, you need to complete all the previous steps that land you on the Linkvertise page.

After that, you can follow one of these two approaches. Both techniques are tried and tested, one of which must work for you. 

Method 1: Through Ad-Link Bypasser

1. First, copy the URL of your locked Linkvertise page from the top of your browser.

2. Now, open a new tab on your browser (Chrome) and go to and paste the copied link.

3. Click on the Bypass Ad-Link button.

Ad-Link Bypass

4. Here, it’ll generate an output link – click on that link, and you’ll see a new tab where the Linkvertise page will be unlocked.

5. Copy the Delta key from there and paste it into the Executor to enjoy unlimited free access.

Method 2 – Through Tampermonkey 

1. First, make sure you have Kiwi Browser on your Android phone (this method does not work on iOS).

2. Now, open the Kiwi browser type Tampermonkey chrome extension and install it.

3. Now, you need to open your Tampermonkey extension from the Kiwi Browser. So, click on the three menu dots from the top right of the browser.

Install the extension and open options

4. Scroll down and click on the Tampermonkey option. Next, select the Dashboard option from the list.

Press dashboard icon

5. Click on the + icon next to the Install User Script option to add a Tampermonkey script. Copy the script from this link ( and paste it into the Tampermonkey script section. Now Select Save on the script window

Paste the script and save it.

6. Now Copy the key link from Delta Executor and paste it in the browser. It’ll redirect itself and at the end you’ll get the key.

7. Copy the key from there and paste it into your Delta Executor to experience endless gameplay.

The Tampermonkey script link and all other steps will only work in the Kiwi browser, not in Chrome or others. Therefore, you need this browser to bypass Linkvertise through this method. 


1. Do the Bypass Methods Work on both Mobile and PC? 

Yes, the two bypass methods shared in the article can work on both Android mobile and Windows computers. You just need to make sure you have the required browser and carefully follow all the steps. 

2. Can I Bypass Linkvertise on iOS to Get Delta Key?

No, the above-stated methods do not work on iOS. However, you can try downloading an Android emulator on your iPhone and try one of these methods to bypass Linkvertise and find the delta key. 

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